Your great candidate + Talent Bandit =
a faster, better hiring process for everyone.

Shift hiring beyond the resume.

With an all-in-one platform to access resumes, assessments, work samples, and video interviews, Talent Bandit helps your job candidates stand out — and your clients make faster hires.

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The staffing industry has grown stale. Everybody is using a decades-old approach with an overwhelming amount of inefficient communication, back-and-forth, and a hurry-up and wait approach.

Talent Bandit is an innovative hub that changes the game by centralizing the workflow for all parties — Hiring Manager, Agency, and Candidate. All the relevant information is in one place — including tools and information that will delight hiring managers — where you need it, when you need it. Less inefficiency, and less administrative coordination.

The results are incredible: Easy, frictionless hiring that moves at warp speed, and available tools to eliminate unconscious bias. Agencies form unbreakable bonds with their clients that can only come from the Talent Bandit experience.

What Talent Bandit Does

The recruiting process today is the same as it was decades ago — especially when it comes to the timeline of the hiring process. It takes an average of 55 days to fill a role — and much of that is due to the million details and steps that occur from the initial hiring trigger to onboarding.

Talent Bandit is a complete talent management solution to decrease that time-to-hire — and make your candidate stand out in the process.

What We Do


all the needed candidate materials to hiring managers with a few clicks — resumes, assessments, skill tests, and work samples


time by automating the back-and-forth tasks of obtaining documents, submitting candidates, and scheduling interviews.


a way for your top talent to stand out with robust digital tools like virtual job interviews and video snapshots.


your firm by bringing your candidates and submissions to life.  

Your great candidate + Talent Bandit = a faster, better hiring process for everyone.