queue based job role Candidates Candidates are put into a queue based on job role. For a particular role, a listing of candidates will come up, along with an instant look at their top skills, desired salary, and availability. Colored-coded buttons show up along the bottom of each candidate, giving an instant way to hire, inquire, interview, or decline. All Details Candidate Bio Clicking into “All Details” gives a deeper dive into the candidate — latest experience, certifications, a short bio. Document Resume Click the “Document” binoculars icon to bring up all documentation for a specific candidate at once — resume, assessments, media, and the same actions (hire, inquire, schedule, interview). Popups Media Assessments Once you’re ready to take action, the buttons are there to easily help you extend a job offer, get more information, schedule an interview within the platform, or make a note that a candidate’s not the right fit for a particular role or company.
eview hiring decisions At every point within the platform, you have immediate access to a menu where you can review hiring decisions, keep tabs on candidate information you’ve asked for, pending interviews, or creating a brand new role request on the fly.